Agency bringing an innovative experience to clients through social events corporate communications and social media

What we do?

Welcome to Emperium, where imagination meets excitement and sparks of creativity come to life!

We are not your ordinary agency, we're a group of passionate event enthusiasts, PR pros, brand gurus, and video wizards. Our goal? To turn your wildest dreams into reality and create unforgettable experiences!


Whether it's a glamorous gala, an adrenaline-pumping conference, or a jaw-dropping product launch, we've got you covered from start to finish.

Unlimited Prague Nike

Design your own Airmax

LDW - herbalife

Ice blocks - Nike

Conference - Huawei

The Color Run

Kick Off - Canon

Find your fast - Nike

Shop opening - Huawei

Premium Yoga - Nike

Social media

When it comes to social media management and content creation, we have your back. We'll curate captivating content and engage with your audience to create a loyal and devoted following. We'll make sure your brand's online presence is unique.

Public relations

Our expert team knows how to make waves and get people talking about your brand. We're masters at crafting compelling stories, building buzz, and making sure your message reaches the right ears. From securing media coverage to organizing buzz-worthy stunts, we'll make sure your brand's voice is heard loud and clear.

My goal is to be a support for the client even in the most critical moments. To advise them on how to time important messages correctly and reach the widest possible audience using a wide range of communication platforms.